Hear directly from our clients about our commitment to providing unparalleled parking solutions which allows them to reach their customer service and financial goals:

Please feel to contact any one of these individuals to learn more about the quality services that MAPS Parking can offer you.

Mr. Mark R. Weston
Vice President
Asset Manager
Miller Global Properties, LLC
4643 S. Ulster Street, Suite 1500
Denver, Colorado 80237
(303) 867-2722 (phone)
(303) 224-7117 (fax)

Ms. Carmen L. Davis
Property Manager
4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22302
(703) 671-5082 (phone)
(703) 671-4173 (fax)

Mr. John Hume
Chief Construction Contracting Section
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 1st Street, NW, RM 5006
Washington, DC 20534
(202)307-0954 (phone)
(202)616-6055 (fax)

Scott R. Kersjes, RPA
Innovative Facilities Solutions, Inc.
2331 Mill Road, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 534-1005 (phone)

Amy L. Rowe
Senior Property Manager
BPG Management Company, L.P.
8111 Gatehouse Road, Suite 110
Falls Church, VA 22042
(703) 621-2569 (phone)
(703) 391-1499 (fax)

Customer / Client Testimonials:

“…have a great relationship with MAPS Parking as they have proven to be responsive, flexible and proactive which has helped my business over the last couple of years.”
~ James Temple, Owner – Bourbon Street LLC

“Our revenues are accounted for on a nightly basis; there have been less than 1% rebates due to posting errors where, when other companies were in charge, there could be as much as 10% on a daily basis with no recourse to charge the customer. The systems and process they have instituted have benefited the hotel greatly.
~ Ralph Polanec, General Manager – Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel

“The MAPS Parking team consistently communicated with my operations and property management team ensuring that everyone was aware of what was happening and provided consistent updates . During the process we did not receive any tenant complaints and the tenants love the new look and MAPS Parking pricing was better than all the bidders including companies we have used in the past.”
~ Kristi Bedois-Sharpe, Union Management Services, Inc.