Terms and Agreement

This Agreement is to become effective on date agreed on in electronic form or written contract. The term of the Agreement is to be one month automatically renewable each month upon the timely receipt of the Operator of the prevailing fee. This Agreement may be canceled by 15 days’ written notice from either party.

Lessee agrees to pay Mid-Atlantic Parking Services, Inc. (MAPS Parking). $ ( location rate ) per month for each space as rental for said parking space(s) by the first of each month for which the rental is due. The monthly parking rate may be changed by MAPS Parking at its sole discretion without notice. Lessee reserves the right to charge a late fee $15 for each parking fee not paid by the fifth of the month. The Lessee will be issued an access device or a parking hang tag which allows parking during the weekdays at the facility. The Lessee agrees to pay $25.00 as a non-refundable processing fee for the issuance of the access device or hang tag and for administrative set-up. This access device or hang tag is not transferable. There will be a $25.00 charge for lost or damaged access devices and a charge of $10 for lost or damage of hang tags.

Charges are for parking spaces only. Neither MAPS Parking nor the Lot Owners assume any responsibility whatsoever for the loss or damage of the vehicle or its contents, however cause. AUTOMOBILE SHOULD BE LOCKED AND VALUABLES SHOULD NOT BE LEFT IN THE AUTOMOBILE.

MAPS Parking is not responsible for damages caused by fire, mechanical failure, storm, theft, vandalism or for loss of articles left in the vehicle. No employee may alter these conditions or increase responsibilities.

Lessee agrees to abide by all reasonable rules and regulations now or hereinafter in effect pertaining to use of the parking lot and agrees to reimburse MAPS Parking for any expense incurred as a result of violations thereof including towing expenses for obstructing vehicles and that violations of such rules and regulations shall be grounds for termination of such contract. No refunds, credits or allowances will be granted to Lessee for absence, vacation or other non-use of the parking facility under this contract.

Any inactive account for more than 30 days will be charge a $25 reinstatement fee.